Don't really believe things happen by chance. Life plays out events that lead to ones purpose or destiny. The choice is ours to follow the lead. This is how I view my introduction to Ayurveda that led to Arogya wellness center.

In 2007, a friend got me curious about a detox program that she had been faithfully doing twice a year for a couple of years when I met her. She looked radiant and was physically fit. I felt my body needed something to restore balance from years of abuse with medication and treatments that were part of my hypochondriac nature. I drank diet pills, uppers to energize and downers to put me to sleep and all kinds of stress relievers to control different ailments as a consequence.

I went with my friend to a clinic in India not knowing what to expect. I just conditioned myself to go with the experience, whatever it took. When there, I was introduced to Panchakarma a detox program that was part of the Ayurveda system of traditional medicine, practiced in India. The clinic practiced Ayurveda that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Father of Transcendental Meditation restored to its full practice and range of application after working with eminent Vaidyas or physicians to apply system to the tried and tested centuries old form of medical treatments. This was my introduction to Ayurveda.

The experience was totally new to me, I can liken it to something queens and royalty in the middle ages would be pampered with. I could relate to Cleopatra being given a milk bath by ladies in waiting in one procedure. It was a whole sensual experience . But the whole treatment went beyond the sensual. Healing of mind, body and restoration of balance were the end results. At the end of my 3 week stay, I felt renewed, relaxed and made whole.

During my stay in the clinic in 2007  I expressed the desire to bring Ayurveda to Manila. My family has had a long history of ailments that I knew Ayurveda could help remedy the natural way. It was a difficult journey in the beginning with a lot of road blocks. We almost gave up on the project thinking perhaps it was not meant to be but with perseverance the universe opened the way and in January of 2010 a competent, compassionate and gentle Indian trainer who helped pre select our eager and quick to learn men and women who embraced their work as technicians with love and dedication. Arogya's mission is now a reality and all of us feel privilege to be the instruments of bringing wellness to those who find their way here.

Indeed Arogya is privileged to bring Ayurveda at its finest.

Manel Katigbak Jose

At Arogya we use a large variety of traditional ayurvedic oils. The oils have been known since thousands of years for their efficiency. Many researches on the ayurvedic oils have demonstrated that they are powerful antibacterial and anti inflammatory. Most of the oils are sesame based which is known to be quickly absorbed by the body.

The oil molecules attract oil soluble toxins and carry them into the blood stream and then out of the body as waste. The oils also maintain good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL). Our oils are coming from one of the most traditional and reputable Ayurvedic pharmacy in India.

 While all our staff are Filipinos they have been thoroughly trained by an Ayurveda Technician from Kerala, Mr Shinoj Choprath. Their training has been done in a very traditional way and they are able to provide the same quality of treatment which is found in India.





“For 10 years prior to visiting arogya ayurveda I’ve been suffering from a number of ailments: stabbing pain in both knees when climbing stairs, a symphony of pain in all my joints and muscles and pain, numbing in my back and legs, poor blood circulation, can’t lift a glass of water with my left hand, my body swells when the temperature goes up or when I’m stressing and I’ve had intense hot flashes since I was thirty seven which seems a bit young to be menopausal.  My immune system seems weak and does not protect me from viruses and bacteria and it seems I’m sick all the time.  In short I’m a mess.  I have tried variations of western and eastern medicines or a combination of both.  I get better but never good enough.  Not until I visited Arogya Ayurveda and had a good long talk with Patrick.  Not only did he listen closely to what I had to say but clearly explained to me what to expect from the Ayurveda treatments.  The staff was excellent and the facilities first rate.  As Patrick said I came with one body and left after at least 14 treatments with a new one not only free of aches and pains, but calmer and stronger.  I can’t thank you enough.  Arogya Ayurveda has given me a new lease in life! “

Alicia Alonzo. Los Angeles U.S.A.


" I was looking for solution to my health concern, and arogya provided a process to my healing and total wellness. I tried a myriad of all their treatments, and by far, the panchakarma is the most effective procedure, I've never slept better. If you have no time for it, abhyanga is highly addicting. I suggest you try it, just keep an open mind, it's part of the process."

- Katrina Suarez

A TESTIMONY: Arogya made my bone marrows clapping!

by PJ Aranador

I am an international lifestyle designer working all over the world. One of my biggest accounts is working for almost 11 years in India as a designer for the Ministry of Textiles Government of India. I would have at least 10 rigorous trade shows all over India in a year’s time. Apart from that, I work in the most remote Indian villages helping rural communities with livelihood through design and product development.

In Delhi, during the international handicrafts fair last February 2011, I badly arched my lower back after I climbed up a wobbly almost 2 storey ladder to fix a heavy exotic drapery from Jammu and Kashmir. The following day I can not walk with my left leg almost paralyzed. I knew I just snapped with too much work.

The Indian doctors at the Indian Spinal Center , after a harrowing MRI, diagnosed that I have stenosis of my 3-5 lumbars. They swelled and compressed some of my nerves. I was advised to have a three weeks bed rest. I did.

I was not allowed to sit for it adds four times pressure on my injury. I only can stand on one leg. I had tons of medications. I had to postpone my furniture show in Jodphur, India. I was depressed. I had the greatest fears in my life. What if I can no longer walk?

In Manila, I still had the pain in my back after seeing my Filipino doctors. My movement was slow and calculated. Then, one day Patrick Eyquem of Aroyga asked me to see him. I was to be treated with hot oil treatment in my injury.

Once the hot oil touched my skin, I knew help was on its way. Once treatment was over, I just run like a little innocent boy straight to the reception and shared with Belen, Aroyga’s front desk officer, that I felt ” my bone marrow cells were jumping all over with joy and clapping their hands!” Finally, the right help came!

The healing powers came deep down there in my inner most tissues no other means could have penetrated intimately and non-evasively than the most re-assuring hot oil. Immediately after the first treatment alone, I was already able to sit longer over dinner. I started to go back to my talkative personality. So my usual happy disposition with my smiles came back as well. My depression cleared up.

Mrs. Manelle Jose, Arogya proprietor, insisted I do it for the next succeeding days, postponing my trip for rehab in my hometown in Iloilo City. Patrick took care of my status daily explaining to me effortlessly how Indian Ayurveda can heal me up. I have never been so re-assured with my condition than Patrick’s “few confident words”. I just have to close my eyes and I knew I was in good hands.

Second day after treatment, I woke up in the morning with hope. My smiles become wider and grinner. My fears were leaving me.

Third day after treatment, I got even better. I started to wear my fashionable summer clothes over my recent previous bland clothing as if I was ready to go to the beach and enjoy life once more. I could feel my smiles reached my ear lobes. I think my bone marrows in my lumbar were in their summer attire also, after my depressing times in Delhi’s cold winter season, ready to enjoy summer life with me as well!

On the fourth day of treatment, I told Patrick, I have had a new experience with Ayurveda I could not explain in words. And his eyes just delightfully followed my body movements which became graceful and confident again. And the Arogya staff was overjoyed to see my bubbly self again. My brand new lease of life from traditional and simple medicine in Ayurveda is for me a miracle today. And in such a short time! Just four days!

And the irony is, I never appreciated Ayurveda while I was in India all these years. Today, I found it in Arogya in the Philippines. I do not need to be in far- away India to be blessed with Ayurveda’s healing. It is just across my doorsteps. And miracles do happen, indeed. And my smiles these days come in full circles like a generous halo around my head—and I can see bright shining stars clapping their hands , too, in glorious harmony with my bone marrows!

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